Joining the hunt of flavour at the terascale

The Belle II Experiment

For 40 years DESY enjoys a very fruitful partnership with research institutions in Japan. The close cooperation began with Masatoshi Koshiba at the DORIS experiment DASP. The collaboration then developed further with Japanese participation in JADE, ZEUS and HERMES and within the combined efforts for the ILC. Since the year 2011 DESY is member of the international Belle II collaboration (see map) and engages in preparations for a very ambitious experiment, which will be operated at the Japanese High-Energy Accelerator Research Organisation KEK in Tsukuba close to Tokyo. This experiment at the intensity frontier exploits properties of B-mesons, which in the year 1987 for the first time were measured at the DORIS experiment ARGUS and will address some of the fundamental questions in particle physics today.

KEK is upgrading its B-factory to the SuperKEKB facility (left) to provide a 40-fold increase in instantaneous luminosity by exploiting higher beam currents, a large crossing-angle and squeezing the beams down to nanometre scales. Also the former Belle detector needs to be upgraded to Belle II (right) to cope with the enormous increase in intensity.

Since August 2012 DESY is also member of the Belle collaboration and participates in the analysis of the collected Belle dataset.

DESY@BELLE I/II offers diverse opportunities for Bachelor, Master, and PhD theses both in physics analysis or in one of the technical projects of the group. If you are interested please contact:

Carsten Niebuhr
(Group Leader)
phone: +49 40 8998-(9)-4594