Searches for Dark Matter and Axion-Like Particles at Belle II

Helmholtz Young Investigator Group of Torben Ferber

Research Activities

Fig.: Dark Photon production and decay into (invisible) Dark Matter at Belle II (MC simulation).

The Young Investigators Group is located at DESY Hamburg. It is part of the existing DESY Belle II group and is linked to the University of Hamburg. We participate in the Belle II experiment being run at the SuperKEKB collider at KEK in Tsukuba, Japan.

We focus on Dark Matter searches at the intensity frontier. This includes searches for Dark Photons decaying into light Dark Matter, and searches for Axion-Like Particles (ALPs) at Belle II with and without long-lived particles (LLPs). We also explore BSM physics with light scalars that couple to B-mesons. These searches are competitive with small datasets that can be acquired in several months of data taking at Belle II.

Our activities are closely related to the reconstruction of photons in the electromagnetic calorimeter (ECL) of Belle II. We are leading the development of ECL reconstruction software with a strong focus on Machine Learning to improve calibration, photon detection and reconstruction. Members of the YIG are convenors of the Belle II Event Generators Software, Belle II ECL software, Belle II Dark Sector Physics, Belle II Neutrals, and Belle II Physics Performance working groups.

We are developing real-time data selections for Dark Matter searches using Machine Learning on FPGAs in a cross-disciplinary joint effort with members of the SuperCDMS collaboration.

We collaborate with various theory groups and explore new directions of Dark Matter searches at the intensity frontier with a focus on neutral final states and long-lived particles (LLPs).

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Torben Ferber (group leader)
since 01.01.2021 professor at KIT

Savino Longo (postdoc)

Sascha Dreyer (PhD student (Uni Hamburg))

Abtin Narimani Charan (PhD student (Uni Hamburg))