Searches for Dark Matter and Axion-Like Particles at Belle II

Helmholtz Young Investigator Group of Torben Ferber (starting March 2018)

Research Activities

Fig.: Dark Photon production and decay into (invisible) Dark Matter at Belle II (MC simulation).

The Young Investigators Group is situated at DESY and is part of the existing Belle II and linked to the University of Hamburg. We participate in the Belle II experiment at the SuperKEKB collider at KEK in Tsukuba, Japan.

We are focussing on Dark Matter searches including the searches for Dark Photons decaying into light Dark Matter and Axion-Like Particles (ALPs). Some of these searches are competitive with small datasets that can be acquired in several months of data taking at Belle II.

Our activities are closely related to the reconstruction of photons in the electromagnetic calorimeter (ECL) of Belle II. We are leading the ECL reconstruction software development with a strong focus on Machine Learning including Deep Neural Networks to improve photon detection and reconstruction.


Torben Ferber (picture)

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Opportunities for students
We are looking for undergraduate (bachelor, master/diploma) and graduate (Ph.D.) students who would like to become a part of our growing group. If you are interested please contact Dr. Torben Ferber.

Available master theses (in German):
"Softwareentwicklung fuer Belle II"
"Suche nach Dunkler Materie bei Belle II"

Opportunities for postdoctoral fellows
We encourage interested physicists who have completed their Ph.D. within the last 4 years, to apply for DESY fellowships in experimental particle physics. Please contact Dr. Torben Ferber for additional information.